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  • John's enemies strike a direct hit on the Yellowstone. John forms an unlikely alliance. Kayce has his first day as a livestock officer.

  • Bachelor Nation will be treated to an extraordinary edition of “The Men Tell All” as social media darling John Paul Jones takes his turn in the hot seat, Mike looks to get closure from Hannah, and Luke P. sits opposite Chris Harrison to give his side of the story. Hannah finally joins the men she sent home and offers her perspective on her relationship with Luke P. and shares her heartfelt feelings about her breakup with Mike. Things heat up as Bachelor in Paradise is previewed and a special sneak peek of Hannah’s dramatic final week with Jed, Peter and Tyler C. is featured.

  • The group heads to Vegas to see Brody's DJ performance, and Justin finds himself in the middle of a showdown between Audrina and Stephanie. Wildfires tear through Malibu, and Kaitlynn fears for Brody's life when he stays inside the evacuation zone.

  • Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane's name on the wall; Alex warns Louis of the consequences.

  • Hannah and Joao have a miscommunication over a guest excursion. In the galley, Anastasia is forced to prepare foods that go against her vegan lifestyle to please the charter guest, the 'Queen of Versailles.' June continues to struggle to impress Hannah, leaving her unsettled through the crew night out.